Early Childhood Education


Degree Offered

  • Associate of Arts

Nature of Program

The Birth through Pre-K Early Childhood Education major focuses on the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of children. This program will prepare students to plan programs and interact with young children in developmentally appropriate settings; and work with infants and toddlers in child care placements.

Career Opportunities

Positions may be found in a variety of settings including child care centers, Head Start, nursery schools, hospitals, and human service agencies. Graduates with a bachelor’s degree also work with parents in educational settings.

Admission Requirements

Entering freshmen are admitted directly into the major.

Benchmark Expectations

A minimum grade of C- is required for all CDFS courses. All majors must meet with their advisor every semester. Students who do not meet these benchmarks may be removed from their major.

General Education FOUNDATIONS

Please use this link to view a list of courses that meet each GEF requirement.

NOTE: Some major requirements will fulfill specific GEF requirements. Please see the curriculum requirements listed below for details on which GEFs you will need to select.

General Education Foundations
F1 - Composition & Rhetoric3-6
Introduction to Composition and Rhetoric
and Composition, Rhetoric, and Research
Accelerated Academic Writing
F2A/F2B - Science & Technology4-6
F3 - Math & Quantitative Skills3-4
F4 - Society & Connections3
F5 - Human Inquiry & the Past3
F6 - The Arts & Creativity3
F7 - Global Studies & Diversity3
F8 - Focus (may be satisfied by completion of a minor, double major, or dual degree)9
Total Hours31-37

Please note that not all of the GEF courses are offered at all campuses. Students should consult with their advisor or academic department regarding the GEF course offerings available at their campus.

Curriculum Requirements

A minimum grade of C- is required for all CDFS courses.
GEF Requirements (2, 5, 6, 7 and 8)22
ENGL 101
ENGL 102
Introduction to Composition and Rhetoric
and Composition, Rhetoric, and Research (GEF 1)
WVUE 191First Year Seminar1
MATH 121Intro Concepts Of Mathematics (GEF 3)3
BUSA 320Survey of Management3
BUSA 330Survey of Marketing3
CDFS 110Families Across the Life Span (GEF 4)3
CDFS 112Introduction to Marriage and Family3
CDFS 210Introduction to Parenting3
CDFS 211Infant Development4
CDFS 212Early Childhood Development3
CHPR 172First Aid and Emergency Care2
Total Hours60

Suggested Plan of Study

First Year
CDFS 110 (GEF 4)3CDFS 1123
ENGL 101 (GEF 1)3ENGL 102 (GEF 1)3
MATH 121 (GEF 3)3GEF 53
WVUE 1911GEF 63
GEF 73GEF 83
GEF 83 
 16 15
Second Year
CDFS 2114CDFS 2103
CHPR 1722CDFS 2123
BUSA 3203GEF 83
BUSA 3303Elective3
GEF 24Elective1
 16 13
Total credit hours: 60

Major Learning Outcomes

Early Childhood Education (Birth through Pre-K)

Upon successful completion of the A.A. degree, students in the Birth through Pre-kindergarten Early Childhood Education major will be able to demonstrate:

  1. Knowledge of the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of young children in the family and preschool contexts.
  2. Ability to construct positive and enriched early childhood environments where the young have the opportunity to develop skills for lifelong learning.  
  3. Knowledge of current best practices that prepare young children to be competent, independent learners.
  4. Ability to reflect on one’s knowledge and skills of teaching and interacting with young children.
  5. Knowledge of how young children learn in order to prepare educational activities in inclusive environments.


Associate professor

  • Ruth Upton - M.A. (West Virginia University)
    Special Education


  • Andrea Schafer - M.A. (West Virginia University)
    Elementary Education