Degree Regulations

In this section:

General Requirements for Graduation

All students must meet the following general requirements to graduate from Potomac State College, regardless of the program of study selected:

  1. Complete a specified minimum of 60 semester hours of college credit for two -year associate degree programs and a specified minimum of 120 semester hours of college credit for four -year BAS programs. Some majors require more than the minimum number of hours;
  2. Complete all required courses outlined in the degree program;
  3. Earn a cumulative grade-point average of C (2.0);
  4. Satisfy the General Education Foundations (GEF) requirements as applicable to specific degrees in the prescribed courses of study;
  5. Submit an application for graduation to the Office of Academic Affairs on or before the announced deadline for submission of graduation applications during the first month of the semester or term in which the student expects to graduate.

Students are advised that to depart from the prescribed program outline of study might delay graduation. Any departure from an outlined program of study or change in major field of study must have prior written approval of the Dean or Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. Students may request waiver of a graduation requirement under provisions of the current catalog and with consent of the Dean or Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.

WVUe 191

All students entering Potomac State College of WVU as freshmen or as transfer students with fewer than 29 hours must take WVUe 191, First -Year Seminar, in their fi rst semester. Those who do not pass the course must re -enroll for the subsequent semester until they earn a passing grade. In certain majors, alternative courses are acceptable. These will be identified for students by their advisers.

Residence Requirements

Transfer students who have completed all undergraduate work in another school in the West Virginia system of higher education must complete either the last 15 hours of work at Potomac State College or at least 18 hours of work at PSC of which 8 of the last 16 hours must be on campus. Transfer students whose undergraduate work has been completed outside of the West Virginia system of higher education must complete a total of 45 hours or at least the last 15 hours of work in residence at PSC. Student’s may also be required to earn up to 8 hours in your major field regardless of the number of hours or the nature of the course transferred.

West Virginia Reverse Transfer Program

Students who have completed 15 college credits or more at Potomac State College may apply college - level, degree- applicable, transferable credits subsequently earned at any West Virginia public institution toward an Associate Degree at Potomac State College. All General Requirements for Graduation at Potomac State College must be met. Students are not eligible for participation in WVRT if they currently possess an associate degree or higher, however, a student may be simultaneously awarded an associate degree through WVRT and a baccalaureate degree.

Second Associate Degree

A student who has received one associate degree and wishes to receive a second associate degree must satisfactorily complete enough additional credits so that the total, including all acceptable credits earned at Potomac State College of WVU and elsewhere, is at least 15 unduplicated semester hours more than the number required for the first associate degree. All requirements, core and otherwise, of the second associate degree program must be satisfied. A second associate degree cannot be awarded to a student who has not met the Potomac State College of WVU residence requirement.

A student who wishes to receive simultaneously two associate degrees must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 15 credits beyond requirements of the initial associate degree and meet all requirements of both degree programs.

Withholding Information

No degree is conferred upon any candidate and no transcripts are issued to any student before payment is made of all tuition, fees, and other indebtedness to any unit of the college.

It is the policy of Potomac State to place on restriction students who have outstanding debts to a unit or units of the College. The restriction may include, but is not limited to, the withholding of a student's registration, diploma, or transcript.