Computer Information Systems, B.A.S.

Degree Awarded

  • Bachelor of Applied Science

Nature of Program

The Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) degree provides students who have completed an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree program with an opportunity to continue their education to the baccalaureate level, acquiring additional skills and furthering their professional advancement. This statewide degree program requires 39 credit hours of upper division course work and 30 credit hours in the Computer Information Systems area of emphasis.

Admissions Requirements

Entering freshmen are admitted directly into the major.

General Education FOUNDATIONS

Please use this link to view a list of courses that meet each GEF requirement.

NOTE: Some major requirements will fulfill specific GEF requirements. Please see the curriculum requirements listed below for details on which GEFs you will need to select.

General Education Foundations
F1 - Composition & Rhetoric3-6
Introduction to Composition and Rhetoric
and Composition, Rhetoric, and Research
Accelerated Academic Writing
F2A/F2B - Science & Technology4-6
F3 - Math & Quantitative Skills3-4
F4 - Society & Connections3
F5 - Human Inquiry & the Past3
F6 - The Arts & Creativity3
F7 - Global Studies & Diversity3
F8 - Focus (may be satisfied by completion of a minor, double major, or dual degree)9
Total Hours31-37

Please note that not all of the GEF courses are offered at all campuses. Students should consult with their advisor or academic department regarding the GEF course offerings available at their campus.

Curriculum Requirements

Applicable AAS Degree Hours60
GEF Elective Requirements (2, 6, and 7)9
ENGL 102Composition, Rhetoric, and Research (GEF 1)3
STAT 111Understanding Statistics (GEF 3)3
SOCA 101Introduction to Sociology (GEF 8)3
BUSA 310Survey of Business Law3
BUSA 320Survey of Management3
BUSA 330Survey of Marketing3
BUSA 340Survey of Finance3
CIS 318Project Management3
CIS 367Applied Programming 23
CIS 417Database Design 23
CIS 488BAS CIS Capstone3
CIS 489System Analysis & Design 23
BAS Major Elective (Select four of the following):12
Cloud Computing
Computer and Network Forensics
Network Defense
Cyber Ethics
Data Mining and Business Intelligence
Total Hours120

Suggested Plan of Study

Third Year
BUSA 3303ENGL 102 (GEF 1)3
CIS 3673SOCA 101 (GEF 8)3
STAT 111 (GEF 3)3BUSA 3403
Elective3CIS 3183
GEF 23BAS Major Elective3
 15 15
Fourth Year
BUSA 3203BUSA 3103
CIS 4173CIS 4883
CIS 4893BAS Major Elective3
BAS Major Elective3BAS Major Elective3
GEF 63GEF 73
 15 15
Total credit hours: 60

Major Learning Goals

Computer information systems, b.A.S.

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems, the student shall be able to:

  1. Apply programming, database, operating systems and business application skills to solve problems associated with existing programs or systems
  2. Analyze security vulnerabilities and plan and implement security measures within the context of medium sized business.
  3. Create a complete programmatic solution for a business need using Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) accepted standards and practices
  4. Present a design, proposed software (system) development life cycle (SDLC) and final report addressing specified requirements for an e-commerce company or enterprise.