University Teaching

Graduate Certificate in University Teaching

Certificate code - cg17

Pedagogy Course3
Cultural Issues
Teaching in Higher Education
Special Topics (Post Secondary Online Teaching)
College Composition Pedagogy
Scholarly Teaching
Teaching Foreign Language in College
English as a Second Language Materials and Syllabus Design
Music History Pedagogy
Principles: Nursing Education
Teach to Learn: Learn to Teach
Teaching Practicum
Seminar on Teaching Psychology
Diversity Course3
Cultural Diversity in the Classroom
Special Topics (Diversity Issues in Higher Education)
Special Topics (Women & Gender Issues in Higher Education)
*Or another course by student petition
Higher Education Elective3
Choose from HIED electives.
History of American Higher Education
Contemporary Issues in Higher Education
Higher Education Administration
College Student Development
Assessment in Higher Education
College Student Affairs
Community College Leadership
Governance of Higher Education
Instructional Design
Psychological Foundations of Learning
The Seminar in 21st Century Teaching2
Teaching Experience
Teach two different lab courses or discussion sections -or- teach one course as the primary instructor.
Teaching Practicum1
Teaching Practicum
*Or departmental teaching practicum course.
Teaching Capstone3
Teaching Capstone
Total Hours15