University Teaching

Graduate Certificate in University Teaching

The Certificate in University Teaching is a fifteen credit hour program for graduate students. It includes

  • mentored teaching experience
  • syllabus development
  • instructional design for a diverse set of students
  • implementation of instructional theory and techniques
  • development of a teaching portfolio

It helps to prepare graduate students for teaching at the college or university level. In this program, students learn to design and teach courses in their discipline while implementing effective instructional techniques, assessment, and self-reflection. 

More Information
This program allows graduate students in good academic standing to earn extra credentials at no extra cost.
More information is available at

To Apply
You must be enrolled in a graduate program and in good standing (meeting the minimum GPA for your graduate program). You may apply to enter the program at any time. To be considered for the Certificate, complete the following:

Your plan of study for this Certificate includes the following:

  1. Pedagogy course
  2. Diversity course
  3. Instructional excellence course
  4. Teaching practicum
  5. Teaching capstone course

However, the curriculum for the Certificate is flexible. You can choose from a large selection of courses. Potentially, a maximum of 6 credit hours from your Master’s or PhD coursework can be counted towards this Certificate.

See the attached document for details about the Certificate's requirements. If you are interested in pursuing the Certificate in University Teaching, someone from the Teaching & Learning Commons will meet with you to explain the requirements and help you develop your plan of study. 

Contact WVU's Teaching & Learning Commons at 304-293-5824 or

Certificate code - cg17

Pedagogy Course3
Teaching in Higher Education
College Composition Pedagogy
Scholarly Teaching
Teaching History Online
Teaching Foreign Language in College
English as a Second Language Materials and Syllabus Design
Music History Pedagogy
Pedagogy of Theory
Principles: Nursing Education
Teach to Learn: Learn to Teach
Teaching Practicum
Seminar on Teaching Psychology
Teaching Sociology
Diversity Course3
Cultural Diversity in the Classroom
Cultural Issues
Special Topics (Women/Gender Issues in Higher Education)
Diversity Issues in Higher Education
College Student Development
International Higher Education
Special Topics (Gender and Sexuality Theory)
Instructional Excellence3
Seminar (Classroom Assessment Techniques (2 credit hours))
Seminar (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (1 credit hour))
Special Topics (Accessible Teaching (1 credit hour))
Special Topics (Readability in the Online Course (1 credit hour))
Special Topics (Designing Scenarios to Engage Students (1 credit hour))
Brain-Based Teaching and Learning
Teaching in Higher Education
Educational Psychology
Instructional Design
Psychological Foundations of Learning
Scholarly Teaching
Curriculum Development and Reform in Higher Education
Technology for Teachers
Special Topics (Online Teaching and Learning)
Teaching Experience & Teaching Practicum3
Teaching Practicum
AND Teach two different lab courses -or- teach one course as the primary instructor.
Teaching Capstone3
Teaching Capstone
Total Hours15

Certificate Learning Outcomes

University Teaching

Upon completion of the certificate, students should be able to:

  • Apply principles and theories of learning to your teaching.
  • Explain diversity issues in higher education.
  • Assess the needs of diverse learners and develop strategies to meet them.
  • Design a course with appropriate learning outcomes, assessment methods, instructional strategies, and course materials.
  • Integrate learning technologies effectively to meet learning goals.
  • Develop and apply appropriate active-learning and assessment techniques to meet specific course objectives.
  • Document effective teaching through a professional teaching portfolio.