Financial Aid

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  • Application Process
  • Aid Offer Notification
  • Employment Opportunities


  • Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Consequences of Withdrawal

Financial Assistance:

  • Information on Financial Assistance for Graduate and Professional Students


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To receive an offer of aid, a student must be admitted to WVU as a degree seeking student. Students who believe they need financial assistance should apply as early as possible.

Application Process 

To apply for financial aid, a student must first apply for a US Department of Education Federal Student Aid ID at If the student is considered a dependent for financial aid purposes, a parent must also apply for a Federal Student Aid ID at The FSA ID is used to sign the online Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), review processed information, correct FAFSA data, and conduct other important business directly with the US Department of Education. Students are advised to save their FSA ID because they will need it for future transactions.

Students can complete the FAFSA at and include WVU’s school code – 003827 – on their application. The FAFSA should be submitted prior to March 1 for full consideration. The FAFSA must be completed annually for continued consideration for aid.

Aid Offer Notification 

WVU will receive students' FAFSA information electronically if the WVU school code was included on the FAFSA. After a FAFSA is reviewed for accuracy, a financial aid award notification will be sent to the student's MIX email.

Employment Opportunities

Student employment opportunities are available on-and-off campus.  For assistance go to or call the Mountaineer Hub at 304-293-1988.

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Satisfactory Academic Progress 

Students who wish to receive funds administered by Student Financial Support and Services must make measurable academic progress toward completion of an eligible degree. Regulations require students meet minimum standards for grade point average and successfully complete a minimum percentage of attempted credit hours. The complete Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy is available online.


Consequences of Withdrawal  

If a student receives federal, state, or institutional financial aid and withdraws from all classes during the semester, the student may be required to return a portion of their financial aid. Refer to the Financial Aid Repayment Policy or the terms and conditions accompanying other financial awards from WVU. Withdrawing from one or more classes may also impact future financial aid eligibility per the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

Additional Information

For more information on applying and maintaining financial aid eligibility while enrolled at WVU, visit


Financial Assistance for Graduate and Professional Students

Regular or provisional graduate and professional students admitted to a financial aid eligible program may be eligible for financial assistance through fellowships and scholarships, graduate assistantships, tuition waivers, loans, and other forms of aid. In addition, the Office of Student Employment can assist students in securing on-campus and off-campus jobs.  

Fellowships and scholarships provide students with funds that do not require employment. Fellowships usually include a stipend, University tuition waiver, College tuition scholarship, and student health insurance, and may also provide funds for research and travel. Scholarships provide funds to help defray students’ educational expenses.

Graduate assistantships may be available through a student’s own department/program or other units on campus. Regular graduate assistantships require 20 hours per week of work and partial graduate assistantships require 10 hours per week of work (typically teaching, research, or service) and provide the student with a stipend, a full or partial waiver of University tuition (but typically not College tuition or University fees; see Tuition, Fees, and Residency and student health insurance).

Waivers of University tuition may be provided to some students based on merit, employment with the University, or prior participation in certain programs such as McNair Scholars or the Health Science and Technology Academy (HSTA).

The Mountaineer Hub provides information and instruction to students interested in obtaining federal and private loans or Federal Work Study positions to help cover educational expenses. To apply for federal support, students must complete the online Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). WVU receives students’ FAFSA information electronically if the WVU school code (003827) is included on the FAFSA. After a FAFSA is reviewed for accuracy, an award notification is sent to the student.