Graduate Certificate in Program Evaluation

Certificate Code - CG41

The Certificate in Program Evaluation (PE) meets the needs of academics and professionals looking to gain knowledge and skills in the practice of program evaluation. The program consists of four courses in Educational Psychology including a capstone project and provides participants real world experience in performing evaluation studies. All courses are available online to maximize flexibility for working professionals.

Students must maintain minimum GPA of 2.75 throughout program.
EDP 612Introduction to Research3
EDP 617Program Evaluation3
EDP 611Measurement/Evaluation in Educational Psychology3
EDP 680Capstone Seminar in Program Evaluation3
Total Hours12

Prospective students. The Certificate in Program Evaluation is designed for individuals who (1) perform program evaluations as part of their job, (2) may desire evaluation knowledge and skills in their respective fields, and (3) are in or are preparing for program evaluation duties, but may lack formal training and/or certification. This certificate will provide foundational practitioner-oriented training in the theory and application of evaluation, assessment, and measurement. All evaluators or potential evaluators will be encouraged to apply to this program.

Non-degree program. Because credit hours taken under the certificate program frequently are not also used to satisfy the requirements of a degree program, the certificate program course of study is usually taken by non-degree graduate students. The academic records of these non-degree graduate students will be maintained in the college graduate records office as well as in the files of the department. Should any of these non-degree students later decide to pursue a graduate degree in the department awarding the certificate, they must formally apply to the degree program and their credentials must conform to the limits established for the transfer of credit obtained by non-degree students. Namely, a maximum of 12 credits obtained by a non-degree student can be applied toward any degree.

Admissions. Students can apply to the program online at as a non-degree student (CEHS 4597 – Non-Degree Certificate). To be admitted as a non-degree student, a student must present evidence of a baccalaureate degree. The student must also maintain a 2.75 grade point average for the 12 credit hours of course work, a CEHS requirement. This average must be maintained as long as the student is enrolled. 

Program features. The Certificate in Program Evaluation will consist of the following major features:

(1)    Online delivery: The program will be delivered in a 100% online format within the WVU eCampus environment.

(2)    Student Professional Development Plan: A plan will be developed to support students’ Program Evaluation career interests and goals. This plan will document learning products developed out of each course and how each product meets the student’s career goals.

(3)    Courses from CEHS: Educational Psychology: Four three-credit hour (total of 12 credits) will be utilized to address core content areas within the field of program evaluation.

(4)    Group evaluation experience: Within a group setting, students will locate and conduct a program evaluation in EDP 617: Program Evaluation.

(5)    Individual evaluation experience: To mimic how most evaluations are conducted, a student, with guidance from an instructor, will individually develop and implement a program evaluation to be performed by the conclusion of the capstone course.

Student Learning Objectives: students in the Program Evaluation Certificate will learn how to:

1.       Conduct program evaluations in both a group setting and as a sole evaluator. (EDP 617, EDP 680)

2.       Understand the criteria, standards and indicators used in evaluation and research. (EDP 611, EDP 617, EDP 680)

3.       Assess the efficiency, effectiveness, and appeal of program evaluations. (EDP 617, EDP 680)

4.       Design studies and develop tools utilizing modern research methods and current instruments. (EDP 611, EDP 612, EDP 617, EDP 680)

5.       Develop writing skills to be used in evaluation studies and reports. (EDP 611, EDP 612, EDP 617, EDP 680)