Music Industry

Graduate Certificate in Music Industry

certificate code - cg36

Required Courses
MUSC 611Music Industry Regulations3
MUSC 612Music Product Advancement3
MUSC 613Music Performance Organization and Commerce3
MUSC 614Advanced Recording Industry3
MUSC 615Advanced Music Publishing3
Total Hours15

Certificate Learning Outcomes

Music Industry

Upon completion of the certificate, students should be able to:

  • Delineate and analyze current music industry regulations regarding their commercial implications, business opportunities, and appropriate music industry management practices across the industry income streams.
  • Perform and manage standard and management level music business procedures and processes utilized in the music publishing, recording, and live music industries, including conception and management of various music product development and placement strategies and plans.
  • Construct and evaluate budgets and financial projections across the music industry income streams based on the project parameters, and the relevant market level, regulations, indicators and trends.
  • Plan and manage organizational processes and activities in live music business sectors including scheduling, budgeting, equipment, personnel, union issues, and regulatory requirements.