Minor Contact

A student must declare his or her intention to complete a minor in theatre at the School of Theatre Theatre & Dance offices.  It is the responsibility of the student to obtain information about the minor and to complete all of the required courses.  Minors are welcome to audition for and participate in all School productions.

At the time of application for graduation, the student must indicate that they wish to be certified as a minor.  Successful completion of the minor will be submitted to the University Registrars Office by the student’s major degree program to be recorded on the student’s official transcript. 

Call 304-293-2020 for more information.

Minor Code - U043 

By focusing on three broad areas—history and theory, performance, and production—the minor in Theatre provides students with an overview of the profession and the opportunity to complete elective courses in areas where they have the greatest interest, such as acting, directing, stage design, voice, stage movement, playwriting, and puppetry. Performance opportunities may also be available for students pursuing the Theatre minor. A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required in all minor courses.
History and Theory (6 credits)
Select one of the following:3
Introduction to the Theatre
Theatre Fundamentals
THET 301History of Western Theatre3
Production (3-4 Credits):
Select from the following:3-4
Stagecraft Lab (Optional - with THET 103)
Costuming Lab (Optional - with THET 105)
Fundamentals of Lighting
Performance (3 credits):
Select one of the following:3
Fundamentals of Acting
Advanced Study (6 credits):
Select from the following:6
Stage Properties
History of Costume and Decoration 1
Rendering Techniques
Actor's Craft
Traditions of Dramatic Literature
Production Dramaturgy
Advanced Production Practicum
Repertory Theatre
Costume Crafts
Advanced Costume Construction
Lighting Technology
Scene Painting
Sound Seminar
Contemporary Drama
Children's Theatre
Total Hours18-19