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Minor Code - U124

Students in colleges and units outside of the College of Media may earn a minor in strategic social media by completing the following courses and meeting the requirements as stated below. The strategic social media minor is not available to students in the College of Media unless they are pursuing the College’s multidisciplinary studies major. The majority of courses for the strategic social media minor are offered exclusively online and some may require summer enrollment. Note that additional online course fees apply.

To earn a minor in strategic social media, a student must earn a minimum overall GPA of 2.0 in all courses required for the minor and have 9 distinct credit hours in the minor not shared with other degree requirements. However, College of Media MDS students must earn a C- in every course in the minor and all 15 credit hours must be distinct to the minor and not shared with other degree requirements.

MDIA 101Media and Society3
Select 1 of the following:3
Advertising and Society
Principles of Advertising
Introduction to Public Relations
JRL 432Social Media Strategy3
JRL 433Social Media Applications3
JRL 434Social Media Campaigns3
Total Hours15