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Minor Code - U214

The Sport and Performance Psychology minor is designed for students interested in exploring the various psychological factors that affect performance in sport (e.g., athletes, coaches) and other settings, such as business, law, medicine, the military, and the performing arts. Students in this minor have an opportunity to engage in self-exploration while learning sport and performance psychology basics, such as understandings of leadership, group dynamics, motivation, and a range of psychological skills that help performers achieve excellence while supporting their well-being. The Sport and Performance Psychology minor is a complement to a range of careers in diverse settings.

An average GPA of 2.0 is required across courses counted toward the minor.
Students must take a minimum of 9 unique credit hours, distinct from any other academic credential, to earn the minor.
SEP 272Introduction to Sport and Performance Psychology3
SEP 371Sport in American Society3
SEP 385Performance Psychology of Teams and Groups3
SEP 420Sport and Performance Enhancement3
SEP 425Psychology of Injury and Rehabilitation3
or HWB 359 Mindfulness for Health and Well-being
Total Hours15