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Minor Code - U218

The Digital Art and Animation minor fosters creative exploration in the production of time-based media including digital video, animation, installation, interactivity, and sound design.  Students also have the option to travel to the Atacama desert in South America to participate in the ART 375 field course, Space: Atacama for upper-level credit.  (A grade of C- or higher is required in all minor courses.)

ART 121SVisual Foundations 13
ART 122SVisual Foundations 23
ART 270SIntroduction to Electronic Media 13
or ART 271S Introduction to Electronic Media 2
or ART 273S Beginning 3D Animation
Portfolio Review *9
Intermediate Electronic Media
Interactive Art
Space Atacama Chile
Total Hours18

Student can be required to take the second, 200-level minor course if the portfolio review is not passed.