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Minor Code - U156

A minimum grade of C- is required in all courses.
BUDA 450Business Data Mining and Visualization3
BUDA 455Introduction to Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence3
MANG 426Introduction to Decision Analysis3
or BUDA 452 Business Simulation Modeling
Select two of the following:6
Analytics for Accounting Analysis
Advanced Business Data Mining
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Business
Independent Study (Dept Approval)
Business Data Visualization
Introductory Econometrics
Introduction to Decision Analysis
Business Simulation Modeling
Database Management Systems
Databases for Data Science
Total Hours15

All students accepted into the Minor in Business Data Analytics minor will be required to have a C- or better in MATH 155, or a B- or better in MATH 150 or a C- or better in MATH 154.  All students will have a B- or better in, STAT 211 or  ECON 225, or a C- or better STAT 215, or equivalent.

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Each student who completes a minor in Business Data Analytics will complete a minimum of 15 hours within the College of Business and Economics.