Degree Awarded

  • Bachelor of Science

Nature of Program

Mathematics is the foundation for many of the natural sciences and, as knowledge is expanded in these sciences, new demands are made on mathematics to provide ideas to be used in advancing the sciences. Older sciences such as physics, chemistry, and engineering depend on mathematics, as do a large number of new and sophisticated subjects. The student’s career in mathematics might include college teaching and research, computers, statistics, and many others.

Program Objectives

The graduates of the Mathematics program:

  • Should be able to attend graduate school or find employment in industry or government.
  • Will have a rounded education that encourages and supports meaningful dialogue with individuals from other disciplines especially sciences and engineering.
  • Will be prepared to participate in lifelong learning opportunities.

General Education FOUNDATIONS

Please use this link to view a list of courses that meet each GEF requirement.

NOTE: Some major requirements will fulfill specific GEF requirements. Please see the curriculum requirements listed below for details on which GEFs you will need to select.

General Education Foundations
F1 - Composition & Rhetoric3-6
Introduction to Composition and Rhetoric
and Composition, Rhetoric, and Research
Accelerated Academic Writing
F2A/F2B - Science & Technology4-6
F3 - Math & Quantitative Skills3-4
F4 - Society & Connections3
F5 - Human Inquiry & the Past3
F6 - The Arts & Creativity3
F7 - Global Studies & Diversity3
F8 - Focus (may be satisfied by completion of a minor, double major, or dual degree)9
Total Hours31-37

Please note that not all of the GEF courses are offered at all campuses. Students should consult with their advisor or academic department regarding the GEF course offerings available at their campus.

Curriculum Requirements for Classic Track

GEF Requirements15
ENGL 101
ENGL 102
Introduction to Composition and Rhetoric
and Composition, Rhetoric, and Research (GEF 1)
WVUE 191First Year Seminar1
A minimum GPA of a 2.0 is required in all major coursework
ENGL 305Technical Writing3
PHYS 111General Physics (GEF 2)4
MATH 155Calculus 1 (GEF 3)4
MATH 156Calculus 2 (GEF 8)4
MATH 251Multivariable Calculus4
MATH 261Elementary Differential Equations4
MATH 283Introduction to the Concepts of Mathematics3
MATH 341Introduction to Algebraic Structures3
MATH 441Applied Linear Algebra3
MATH 448Probability and Statistics3
MATH 451Introduction to Real Analysis 13
MATH 452Introduction to Real Analysis 23
MATH 496Senior Thesis2
CS 121Computer Science 14
CS 122Computer Science 24
MATH Elective (300+ or 400+ level; except MATH 315)6
Technical Elective16
Total Hours120

Technical Electives

BIOL 111General Biology4
BIOL 112General Biology4
BIOL 230Human Anatomy and Physiology 14
BIOL 231Human Anatomy and Physiology 24
BIOL 240Microbiology4
CE 204Surveying3
CHE 201Material and Energy Balances 13
CHE 202Material and Energy Balances 23
CHEM 111Survey of Chemistry4
CHEM 112Survey of Chemistry4
CHEM 115Fundamentals of Chemistry4
CHEM 116Fundamentals of Chemistry4
CPE 271Introduction to Digital Logic Design3
CPE 272Digital Logic Laboratory1
CS 201Data Structures3
CS 222Intro Software Engineering3
CS 231Introduction to Computer Organization3
EE 221Introduction to Electrical Engineering3
EE 222Introduction to Electrical Engineering Laboratory1
EE 223Electrical Circuits3
MAE 240Manufacturing Processes3
MAE 241Statics3
MAE 242Dynamics3
MAE 243Mechanics of Materials3
MAE 320Thermodynamics3
PHYS 112General Physics4
Any BIOL 300-400 Level Course
Any CHE 300-400 Level Course
Any CHEM 300-400 Level Course
Any CE 300-400 Level Course
Any CS 300-400 Level Course
Any CPE 300-400 Level Course
Any EE 300-400 Level Course
Any ENGR 300-400 Level Course
Any MATH 300-400 Level Course (except MATH 315)
Any MAE 300-400 Level Course
Any PHYS 300-400 Level Course

Suggested Plan of Study

First Year
ENGL 101 (GEF 1)3ENGL 102 (GEF 1)3
WVUE 1911MATH 156 (GEF 8)4
MATH 155 (GEF 3)4CS 1224
CS 1214GEF 43
 15 15
Second Year
MATH 2833MATH 2614
MATH 2514MATH Elective (300-400 level)3
PHYS 111 (GEF 2)4Technical Elective (GEF 8)4
GEF 53Elective3
 14 17
Third Year
ENGL 3053MATH 3413
MATH 4483MATH 4413
GEF 63Technical Elective3
Technical Elective3GEF 73
 15 15
Fourth Year
MATH 4513MATH 4523
MATH Elective (300-400 level)3MATH 4962
Technical Elective3Technical Elective3
GEF 83Elective3
 15 14
Total credit hours: 120

Major Learning Outcomes


The graduates of the Mathematics program:

  • Will be critical thinkers and problem solvers.
  • Will be able to understand the concepts, solve the problems, and prove theorems in at least three of the four major areas of mathematics - Algebra, Analysis, Applied Mathematics, and Geometry/Topology.
  • Will be able to develop computer programs to implement computational algorithms.
  • Will be able to communicate effectively.

mathematics minor

minor code - ut14

Required Courses
MATH 155Calculus 14
MATH 156Calculus 24
MATH 251Multivariable Calculus4
MATH 261Elementary Differential Equations4
MATH 441Applied Linear Algebra3
Select two of the following courses:6
Introduction to the Concepts of Mathematics
MATH 300+ or 400+ Level Courses (excluding MATH 315)
Total Hours25