Business Management

Degree Awarded

  • Bachelor of Science

Nature of Program

Our program provides a broad understanding of management and leadership through a variety of courses in human resource management, marketing, organizational behavior, operations management, statistics and business strategy. Students develop critical written and verbal communications skills, learn to integrate and synthesis information and improve upon leadership capabilities. Students have the flexibility to take a variety of electives to customize their major focusing on accounting, economics, finance, human resource administration and/or marketing.

General Education FOUNDATIONS

Please use this link to view a list of courses that meet each GEF requirement.

NOTE: Some major requirements will fulfill specific GEF requirements. Please see the curriculum requirements listed below for details on which GEFs you will need to select.

General Education Foundations
F1 - Composition & Rhetoric3-6
Introduction to Composition and Rhetoric
and Composition, Rhetoric, and Research
Accelerated Academic Writing
F2A/F2B - Science & Technology4-6
F3 - Math & Quantitative Skills3-4
F4 - Society & Connections3
F5 - Human Inquiry & the Past3
F6 - The Arts & Creativity3
F7 - Global Studies & Diversity3
F8 - Focus (may be satisfied by completion of a minor, double major, or dual degree)9
Total Hours31-37

Please note that not all of the GEF courses are offered at all campuses. Students should consult with their advisor or academic department regarding the GEF course offerings available at their campus.

Curriculum Requirements

GEF Elective Requirements (2, 5, 6, and 7)13
ENGL 101
ENGL 102
Introduction to Composition and Rhetoric
and Composition, Rhetoric, and Research (GEF 1)
ENGL 305Technical Writing3
MATH 123Finite Mathematics 1 (GEF 3)3
CS 101Intro to Computer Applications (GEF 8)4
PSYC 101Introduction to Psychology (GEF 4)3
ACCT 201Principles of Accounting3
ACCT 202Principles of Accounting3
ACCT 331Managerial Accounting3
BCOR 320Legal Environment of Business3
BCOR 350Principles of Marketing (minimum grade of C-)3
BCOR 360Supply Chain Management (minimum grade of C-)3
BCOR 370Managing Individuals and Teams (minimum grade of C-)3
BCOR 460Contemporary Business Strategy3
BUSA 101Introduction to Business3
ECON 201Principles of Microeconomics (GEF 8)3
ECON 202Principles of Macroeconomics (GEF 8)3
ECON 301Intermediate Micro-Economic Theory3
FIN 325Financial Management 13
MANG 330Human Resource Management Fundamentals3
MANG 375Business Simulation3
MANG 386Business Statistics (minimum grade of C-)3
MANG 420Business Information Systems3
MANG 422The Individual and the Organization3
MKTG 485Global Marketing3
WVUE 191First Year Seminar1
Marketing Elective (must be 300 or 400 level)3
Restricted Electives (ACCT, BCOR, BLAW, ECON, FIN, MANG, MKTG must be 300 or 400 level)18
15 hours of community service
Take ETS Business Test which is offered once a year in April.
Total Hours120

Suggested Plan of Study

First Year
ENGL 101 (GEF 1)3ENGL 102 (GEF 1)3
MATH 123 (GEF 3)3ECON 201 (GEF 8)3
BUSA 1013CS 101 (GEF 8)4
WVUE 1911Elective3
GEF 24GEF 53
 14 16
Second Year
ACCT 2013ACCT 2023
ECON 202 (GEF 8)3ENGL 3053
BCOR 3503MANG 3303
BCOR 3703Marketing Elective3
GEF 63Elective3
 15 15
Third Year
ACCT 3313PSYC 101 (GEF 4)3
BCOR 3203BCOR 3603
FIN 3253MKTG 4853
MANG 3863Restricted Elective3
Restricted Elective3Elective3
 15 15
Fourth Year
ECON 3013BCOR 4603
MANG 4203MANG 3753
MANG 4223Restricted Elective6
Restricted Elective6GEF 73
 15 15
Total credit hours: 120

Major Learning Goals

Business management

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate proficient knowledge and skills within core business components
  • Demonstrate proficiency in applying analytical abilities in business decision-making
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and written communication skills
  • Demonstrate the use of current business technology in basic decision-making applications
  • Show the ability to work effectively in teams as a leader and a follower

Department of Accounting and Business Management Minors


minor code - ut01

Required Courses
ACCT 201Principles of Accounting3
ACCT 202Principles of Accounting3
ACCT 311Intermediate Accounting3
Select three of the following courses:9
Intermediate Accounting
Accounting Systems
Financial Statement Analysis
Advanced Cost Management
Income Tax Accounting 1
Income Tax Accounting 2
Professional Field Experience
Total Hours18

business administration

minor code - ut03

Required Courses
ACCT 201Principles of Accounting3
ACCT 202Principles of Accounting3
BCOR 320Legal Environment of Business3
BCOR 350Principles of Marketing3
BCOR 370Managing Individuals and Teams3
CS 101Intro to Computer Applications4
FIN 325Financial Management 13
MANG 386Business Statistics3
Total Hours25



Required Courses
ACCT 491Professional Field Experience3
ECON 331Money and Banking3
FIN 310Investments3
FIN 321Personal Finance3
FIN 325Financial Management 13
FIN 326Financial Management 23
Total Hours18

fraud examination


Required Courses
ACCT 201Principles of Accounting3
ACCT 348Financial Statement Analysis3
ACCT 420Fraud Examination3
ACCT 421Fraud Management: Legal/Ethical Issues3
ACCT 422Advanced Fraud Investigation & Analysis3
ACCT 423Information Security and Controls3
Total Hours18

human resources administration

minor code - UT10

Required Courses
MANG 330Human Resource Management Fundamentals3
MANG 422The Individual and the Organization3
Select three of the following:9
Collective Bargaining
Training and Development
Leadership In Business
Topics in Social Psychology
Total Hours15



Required Courses
BCOR 350Principles of Marketing3
MKTG 380Integrated Promotions3
Select four of the following courses:12
Buyer Behavior
Marketing Research
Retail Management
Sales Management
Global Marketing
Total Hours18