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Minor Code - U108

The minor in World Music is intended for students with a musical interest outside of Western art music. The required courses focus on the relationship between music and culture and support WVU's vision of diversity and the advancement of international activity and global engagement. Students may participate in the School of Music's World Music ensembles, including steel drums, African music and dance, Balinese and Javanese gamelans, Japanese taiko drums, and more. Optional study abroad programs include a summer music program in Ghana and an exchange program with universities in Brazil.

A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required in all minor courses.

Required Courses6
Music in World Cultures
Music of Africa
Music Ensembles and/or Chamber (May be repeated for additional credit)6
Steel Band
African Music Ensemble
Brazilian Music Ensemble
Experiential Music Ensemble
Taiko Ensemble
Music Electives:6
Fundamentals of Music
Great Composers in Performance
Introduction to Music
American Popular Music
Music and the Immigrant Experience
Introduction to History of Jazz
Music in Appalachia
Hip Hop Nation: Musical and Conceptual Foundations of a Cultural Revolution 

Aural Theory 1
Written Theory 1
Aural Theory 2
Written Theory 2
Introduction to Recording Technology
Introduction to Jazz and Commercial Music Improvisation
Applied Lessons for Minors
Global Service Learning
Total Hours18