Minor Contact

Minor Code - U111

A grade point average of 2.0 for all courses counted toward the minor is required. Questions may be directed by email to the faculty advising point of contact listed under the Faculty tab. No prerequisite coursework is required to declare the minor.


Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
Feminist Histories and Practices
Feminist Theory
Queer Theories
Any WGST course at the 100 or 200 level
Human Sexuality
Gender Communication
Literature of Native America
Literature of Love, Sex, and Gender
Appalachian Fiction
African American Literature
Multiethnic Literature
Images of Women in Literature
Gender and Sexuality in Literature and Film
Russian Fairy Tales
Science Fiction: East and West
Vampire: Blood and Revolution
French Women Writers
African Women Writers
Francophone Literature in Translation
Italian Women Writers
Introduction to Gerontology
Revolutionary Europe
Introduction to Human Nutrition
Current Moral Problems
Sex Roles and Behavior
Families and Society
Race and Ethnic Relations
Any WGST course at the 300 or 400 level
Gender and Sport
Anthropology of Health and Illness
Women in Art
Stress in Families
Men's Health
Women and Health
Gender and Crime
Disability and the Family
Disability and Society
American Women Writers
British Women Writers
Topics in Women's Literature
Topics in Gay/Lesbian Studies
Sexuality and Gender in Hispanic Cinema
Arab Women Writers
Geography of Gender
Public Policy of Aging
Aging, Women and Culture
Women, Gender, and Kinship in Premodern Europe
History of American Women
Women in International Development
Gender and the Research Process
Maternal Infant Nursing & Women's Health Care
Reproductive Issues in Women
Philosophy of Sex and Gender
Health Care Ethics
Interest Groups and Democracy
Sexuality, Law, and Politics
Gender/Politics and Policy
Gender and International Relations
Child and Adolescent Development
Social Work Practice and Human Sexuality
Women and Men in Society
Class, Status, and Power
Special Problems and Workshop in Special Education
Total Hours15

No more than 3 credits at the 100 or 200 level. Electives may include no more than 6 hours from the same department (WGST courses excepted) and no more than 3 hours of WGST 490.


Students may petition to have other courses count. For information, email the faculty advising point of contact under the Faculty tab.