Minor Contact

Minor Code - U222

Any student may take a minor in robotic engineering by passing the following courses and maintaining a 2.0 GPA or better in these courses. 

A minimum of 9 credits must be 300 or 400 level
CS 110
Introduction to Computer Science
and Introduction to Computer Science Laboratory
MAE 211
and Mechatronics Laboratory
ROBE 313Fundamentals of Robotic Systems3
Elective Courses (Select from the following): +6
Microcomputer Structures and Interfacing
Mobile Robotics
Mobile Robotics
Real-Time Systems Development
Artificial Intelligence
Digital Signal Processing Fundamentals
Advanced Mechatronics
Automatic Controls
Robotic Engineering Design 2 *
Robotic Manipulators
Robot Autonomy
Total Hours16

Electives may require additional coursework to fulfill prerequisites.


Requires department approval for enrollment into the project based course. Contact instructor for more details. ROBE 271S is a pre-requisite for ROBE 371S.