Program Requirements

The Medical Humanities and Health Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary minor. It is “hosted” in the English department, where administrative oversight is provided. Collaborating participants include the departments of Communication Studies; Disability Studies; English; Geography; Gerontology; Philosophy; Psychology; Sociology; Social Work; and Women's and Gender Studies.

The minor requires 15 hours, 9 of which must be upper-division (300- and 400-level), and 12 of which must be unique (not counted toward another major or minor). Three disciplines must be represented.

Minimum GPA of 2.0 is required.
Courses may not be taken pass/fail.
Core Courses6
Select 6 hours from the following courses
Health Communication
Literature of the Human Body
The Writing of Health and Medicine
Introduction to Gerontology
Public Policy of Aging
Health Care Ethics
Introduction to Psychology
Anthropology of Health and Illness
Society and Health
Select 9 hours from the following elective courses
Communication and Aging
Advanced Health Communication
Disability and the Family
Lifespan Disability Policy
Disability and Society
Disability in the Community
Literature of Minds and Selves
Literature of Love, Sex, and Gender
Population Geography
Rural Gerontology
Aging, Women and Culture
Current Moral Problems
Philosophy of Sex and Gender
Introduction to Human Development
Anthropology of Health and Illness
Social Issues of Public Health
Social Work Practice and End of Life Care
Women's Health and Fitness
The Aging Woman
Total Hours15