Leadership Studies


Students must earn a grade of C- or better in each of the three core courses and a minimum GPA of 2.0 across the nine elective hours.

Core Courses: (must be taken in sequence)9
Principles of Leadership
Problems in Leadership
Leadership in Action
Upper Division Courses *9
Select 9 hours from the following:
Principles of Marketing
Managing Individuals and Teams
Business Ethics
Survey of Marketing
Survey of Management
Business and Professional Communication
Organizational Communication
Nonverbal Communication
Intercultural Communication
Advanced Organizational Communication
Survey of Entrepreneurship
Business Innovation
Total Quality Management
Designing Decision Support System
Team Facilitation
Leadership and Athletics
Women and Leadership
Readings in Leadership
Special Topics
Independent Study
Human Resource Management Fundamentals
Corporate Social Responsibility
Military Science
Military Science
Military Science
Military Science
Ethical Theory
Philosophy of Law
History of Ethics
American Presidency
Public Opinion and Politics
West Virginia Government
Gender/Politics and Policy
Foreign Policy Decision-Making
Complex Organizations
Sociology of American Business
Social Movements
Leadership Studies 1
Leadership Studies 2
National Security/Active Duty 1
National Security/Active Duty 2
Total Hours18

All three electives may be LDR courses, or MILS or USAF courses. Otherwise the electives must be from at least two different fields.  No more than three elective credit hours may be counted toward both a student’s major and the LDR minor requirements.