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Minor Code - U092

The Japanese Studies minor is open to all students who have mastery of the Japanese language at the JAPN 203 level.  Students must achieve an overall GPA of at least 2.25 in the coursework applied to the major.  Students must select coursework carefully, as they must earn a minimum of 9 credit at the upper-division level (courses numbered at the 300 level or above).

Intermediate Japanese 2
Conversation and Composition 1
Select one of the following:
Conversation and Composition 2
Advanced Structure
Advanced Reading
Japanese Culture
Select one of the following:
Introduction to Japanese Culture
Japanese Culture and Cinema
Select one of the following:
1- Any alternate 300- or 400-level JAPN course, or alternate FCLT 206 or 306, not applied to core courses
2- Any of the following courses:
Introduction to Structural Linguistics
Religions of China and Japan
Total Hours15

At least six of the upper-division hours must be completed on campus (exclusive courses obtained through credit by examination).