Minor Contact

Minor Code - U146

A 2.0 GPA is required for admission to the Minor program. A grade of C- or better must be earned in all coursework applied to the Minor.  Except for GERO 491, courses applied to the Minor cannot be taken as pass/fail.  

Core Courses7
Introduction to Gerontology
Adulthood and Aging
Rural Gerontology
Professional Field Experience (*one credit hour required)
Public Policy of Aging
Aging, Women and Culture
Professional Field Experience *
Independent Study
Communication and Aging
Audiological Assessment
Aural Rehabilitation
Core Concepts in Gerontological Nursing
Health Care Ethics
Death and Dying
Social Work Practice and End of Life Care
Total Hours16

*GERO 491 (1 credit hour) is a requirement for the Minor in Gerontology and GERO 212 or PSYC 345 must be taken prior to enrollment.  Additional experience through GERO 491 (3 credit hours) may be taken as an elective for the Minor.  

For further information about the Undergraduate Minor in Gerontology, contact Dr. Kristina Hash (kmhash@mail.wvu.edu, 304.293.8807) or Ms. Morgan Boyles (Morgan.Boyles@mail.wvu.edu, 304.293.3192).