Minor Contact

Minor Code - U042

Courses required for the minor in Dance include a variety of dance techniques and composition, as well as choreography, stage movement, dance history and philosophy, and theatre production. There are many performance opportunities for students on and off campus, including annual formal concerts, informal concerts (works in progress), participation in regional and national dance festivals, conferences, community, concerts, and touring.
Dance Technique (Select two of the following):4
Fundamentals of Dance Techniques
Fundamentals of Ballet
Fundamentals of Jazz
Intermediate Ballet
Intermediate Modern
Intermediate Jazz
Technical Production (Select one of the following):3
Fundamentals of Lighting
Theatre Makeup
History/Criticism (Select one of the following)3
Dance History
Dance Criticism
DANC 260SFundamentals of Choreography3
Dance Practicum
Advanced Ballet
Advanced Modern
Advanced Jazz
Modern and Ballet Partnering
Advanced Choreography
Creative Dance for Educators
Dance Criticism
Choreography Practicum
Ballet Repertory
Modern Repertory
Total Hours19

A student must declare his or her intention to complete a minor in theatre and/or dance at the College of Creative Arts Records Office or at the Division of Theatre and Dance offices.  It is the responsibility of the student to obtain information about the minor and to complete all of the required courses.  Minors are welcome to audition for and participate in all division productions.

At the time of application for graduation, the student must indicate that they wish to be certified as a minor.  Successful completion of the minor will be submitted to the University Registrar's Office by the student’s major degree program to be recorded on the student’s official transcript.