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Minor Code - U036

The study of the history of art can enhance comprehension of students’ primary field of study and permit them to achieve a broader and deeper understanding of cultural history. First-hand observation and close study are emphasized. It is intended to help develop skills in critical thinking, written communication, and research. Since the minor in Art History requires a considerable grasp of writing and research, the vocabulary and technical aspects of art historical writing and research are addressed in both the survey and in the upper-level courses. This minor is especially beneficial for those students pursuing careers that demand an understanding of historical and contemporary culture. (A grade of C- or higher is required in all minor courses.)

ARHS 120Survey of Art History 13
ARHS 160Survey of Art History 23
ARHS 240Research, Writing, & Methods in Art History3
Upper Division (300 or above) Art History (ARHS) courses *9
Total Hours18

No more than 6 hours may come from ARHS 317, 406, 411, 412, 413, or 414.