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Minor Code - U220

Any student may take a minor in aerospace engineering by passing the following courses and maintaining a 2.0 GPA or better in these courses.

The minor is open to all students with the prerequisite coursework, which includes MATH 155, MATH 156, and PHYS 111. Students also may need to complete MATH 251 and MATH 261 for completion of the minor.

A minimum of 9 credits must be 300 or 400 level
MAE 241Statics3
Select 12 credit hours from the following courses: **12
Introduction to Aerospace Engineering
Mechanics of Materials
Aerospace Design 1
Analysis-Engineering Systems
Fluid Mechanics
Incompressible Aerodynamics
Compressible Aerodynamics
Aerospace Structures
Intermediate Mechanics of Materials
Introduction to Unmanned Aerial Systems
Flight Dynamics
Aerospace Design 2
Flight Vehicle Propulsion
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Experimental Aerodynamics
and Experimental Aerodynamics Laboratory
Vertical/Short Takeoff and Landing Aerodynamics
Mechanics of Composite Materials
UAV Path Planning and Trajectory Tracking
Automatic Controls
Flight Mechanics 2
Spacecraft Dynamics
Introduction to Flight Simulation
UAV Guidance, Navigation & Control
Space Flight and Systems
Guided Missile Systems
Flight Simulation for Aircraft Safety
Spacecraft Propulsion
Total Hours15

MAE 275S and MAE 375S require departmental approval. Contact the instructor of record for more details.


Related Special Topics courses (MAE 393 and MAE 493) may be used if approved by the Mechanical Engineering Curriculum Committee.