Center for Learning, Advising, and Student Success

Goals of the center for learning, Advising, and student success

  • Provide individualized academic planning to transition students into a degree program
  • Refer students to appropriate campus resources
  • Build and cultivate partnerships with colleges and schools
  • Teach students how to access and interpret academic information
  • Expand access to post-secondary education
  • Engage students in personal growth and development within the university community

center for learning, Advising, and student success Pathways

  • Behavioral & Social Sciences
  • Health Sciences
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM)
  • High School Access
  • Exploratory (Undecided)

center for learning, Advising, and student success Academic Support Programs

  • Academic Advising and Developmental Advising
  • Academic Success Coaching
  • First Year Seminar
  • First Year Pathway
  • Early Alert
  • Mid-Year Academy (MYA)
  • Summer Success Program

Critical Numbers

  • Academic Advising: 304-293-5805
  • First Year Experience: 304-293-2316
  • Student Success Initiatives: 304-293-2316


We will provide academic initiatives and create an environment that will empower and support students by creating opportunities to gain confidence, take responsibility, and develop intrinsic motivation -- thereby enabling students to achieve personal and academic success at WVU.

Students will:

  • Make a successful transition to the WVU environment, will persist through their first year, and will return for their second year at WVU.
  • Actively engage in career planning and will select an academic major by the end of their freshman year.
  • Acquire and employ academic and critical thinking skills, and will become more independent, self-confident, and efficient learners through the development of improved self-management skills.
  • Develop global perspective through positive experiences of diversity and inclusion.


Associate Provost

  • Sue Day-Perroots - Ed.D. (West Virginia University)
    Associate Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Executive Director

  • Joseph Seiaman - M.A.
    West Virginia University


  • Ann Richards - Ph.D.
    University of Arizona
  • Greg Strimel - Ph.D.
    Old Dominion University

Assistant Director

  • Frederick McDonald - M.A.
    West Virginia University