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Minor Code - U050

Students must earn an overall GPA of at least 2.00 in the coursework applied toward the minor.

Core Courses9
Introduction to Structural Linguistics
Introduction to Language
Second Language Acquisition
The Teaching of Foreign Languages
Select two of the following:
Language Matters
Second Language Reading
Teaching English Overseas
Alternatively, students may substitude 3 credits of electives from the list above with one of the following courses: *
Elementary Modern Standard Arabic 1
Elementary Modern Standard Arabic 2
Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic 1
Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic 2
First Year Chinese 1
First Year Chinese 2
Second Year Chinese 1
Second Year Chinese 2
Elementary French 1
Elementary French 2
Intermediate French 1
Intermediate French 2
Introduction to German Language and Culture 1
Introduction to German Language and Culture 2
Intermediate German 1: The German-Speaking World
Intermediate German 2: Life in Germany
Elementary Italian 1
Elementary Italian 2
Intermediate Italian 1
Intermediate Italian 2
Elementary Japanese 1
Elementary Japanese 2
Intermediate Japanese 1
Intermediate Japanese 2
Elementary Russian 1
Elementary Russian 2
Intermediate Russian 1
Intermediate Russian 2
Elementary Spanish 1
Elementary Spanish 2
Intermediate Spanish 1
Intermediate Spanish 2
Total Hours15

Courses used to satisfy the B.A. foreign language requirement may not be used to fulfill an elective for the TESOL minor.