Using nano devices and systems as naturally integrative learning vehicles, technical, social, ethical and economic considerations are introduced and developed, enabling students to understand the role of their discipline and the value of others. The Nanosystems Minor culminates with students fulfilling their majors’ capstone requirement by engaging in authentic interdisciplinary NSE nanosystems research within host faculty labs. As a result, engineering and science students grow together as young collaborating professionals using the unique environment afforded by NSE as they at the same time grow and form in their own disciplines.

ENGR 103Introduction to Nanotechnology Design3
ENGR 280Sophomore Nanoscience Seminar1
ENGR 380Junior Nanoscience Seminar 11
ENGR 381Junior Nanoscience Seminar 21
Project 13
Tech Elective 23
Tech Elective 23
Total Hours15

Authentic Research Topic

For the purposes of the Nanosystems Minor, an authentic research topic is defined as one that is part of a funded project and/or its results can be published and therefore it is of interest to the scientific community.