Minor Contact

Students must achieve an overall GPA of at least 2.25 in the coursework applied toward the minor.*


Language Courses9
Intermediate Italian 2
Select two of the following:
Language Through Culture
Italian Through Film
Composition and Conversation
Advanced Conversation
Survey of Italian Literature 1
Survey of Italian Literature 2
Italian Folktales
Modern Italian Civilization
Culture Requirement3
Select one of the following:
Italian-American Experience
Italian Cinema 1945 to Present
The Italian Mafia: History and Legend
Italian Culture of Food
Electives *3
Select one of the following:
Survey of Art History 1
Survey of Art History 2
Italian Renaissance
Greek and Roman Civilization and Culture
Greek and Roman Myths
Contemporary Italy
Italian Women Writers
L'Italia Dal Vivo
History of Ancient Times: Stone Age to the Fall of Rome
Renaissance and Reformation
Absolutism & Enlightenment
The Mediterranean 1200-1800
Greece and Rome
History of Italy, 1200-1800
History of Italy since 1800
Rome: From Romulus to Zenobia
History of Fascism
The Italian Renaissance
Introduction to Structural Linguistics
ITAL and FCLT courses not taken for the language or culture requirement
Total Hours15