Minor Contact

Minor Code - U192

Students must achieve an overall GPA of at least 2.25 in the coursework applied toward the minor.

Core Courses9
Select three of the following courses:
Intermediate German 2: Life in Germany
Language and Society
Conversations in Context 2: Germany Today
Youth Culture in German-Speaking Countries
Culture and Science in German-speaking Countries
Electives *6
Select two of the following courses: **
Norse Mythology
The Vikings & Early Germanic Civilization
German Cinema
Weimar and the Third Reich in Literature and Film
German Fairy Tales: Nationalism and Supernaturalism during the Romantic Era
German Literature Since World War II
German Pronunciation
German for Professional Purposes
Professional Life in Germany
German Literature: Since Romanticism
German Cultural History Since 1945
History of Modern Germany
The Teaching of Foreign Languages
Introduction to Structural Linguistics
Total Hours15