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Minor Code - U078

Arts Administration is one of the fastest growing fields in the arts industry. This interdisciplinary minor includes courses in the arts, business, public relations, and leadership. The goal is to provide students with the basic knowledge and skills they will need for entry-level work with cultural, performing and visual arts organizations such as orchestras, theaters, museums, galleries and dance companies. Arts Administration may also lead to opportunities that include event planning, arts facilities management, public relations, marketing, and grant writing for arts organizations. A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required in all minor courses.

Art Core3
Select 1 or more from the following
Landmarks of World Art
Survey of Art History 2
Introduction to Music
Introduction to the Theatre
Introduction to Dance
Survey of Management
Public Relations3
Introduction to Public Relations
Arts Administration6
Arts Administration
Professional Field Experience
Select 1 or more from the following:
Promoting the Arts and Culture
Survey of Marketing
Organizational Communication
Principles of Leadership
Understanding Statistics
Total Hours18