Minor Contact

Minor Code - U083

This minor is designed to provide students with the solid base of knowledge, skills, and experiences sought by many employers within the adventure sports industry. Adventure Sports Internship can not be completed until required courses (ACE 451, ACE 452, ACE 454, and PE 169) are completed with a letter grade of C or higher.  Student must possess valid WFA or WFR and CPR certifications upon graduation. Other electives may be approved and accepted. Contact Valerie Wayda, Chair, Coaching & Teaching Studies at (304) 293-0830 or Carol Straight, Advising Center at (304) 293-0839.

ACE 389Introduction to Adventure Sports1
ACE 451Plan/Risk Management for Adventure Sport3
ACE 452Outdoor Leader/Group Dynamics3
ACE 454Advanced Sport Instruction Techniques3
PE 169Outdoor Navigation and Survival1
PE 183Wilderness First Aid Basics1-3
or RPTR 148 Wilderness First Responder
ACE 455Adventure Sports Internship (Internship)2-6
ELECTIVES (minimum of four courses)4-6
Cycling Basics
Rock Climbing Basics
Snow Sport Basics
RPTP Course - Group Facilitation Dynamics
Total Hours18-26