Africana Studies

The Africana Studies program offers a multidisciplinary minor, which seeks to analyze the African world experience from the point of view of African people and those of African descent.  The broad educational purpose of the program is to engender among all students an intellectual appreciation and understanding of the history and cultures of people of African descent throughout the world.

Africana Studies Minor

Minor Code  - U055

Students must earn a minimum grade of C in all the courses applied to the minor.

Core Courses:6
Introduction to Africana Studies
Seminar Africana Studies
Electives: 9
Select three of the following in two different areas (two 300-Level or above):
Contemporary African Literature
African American Literature
African American Literature
African Women Writers
Francophone Literature in Translation
Latin American Literature
Geography of Africa
Special Topics
African Environment and Development
East Africa to 1895
East Africa Since 1895
Pre-Colonial Africa
Colonial Africa and Independence
West Africa to 1885
West Africa from 1885
History of Jazz
Music of Africa
Directed Study
Civil Rights, Policy, and Politics
Politics of Africa
Race and Ethnic Relations
Traditional and Changing Africa
Class, Status, and Power
Neighborhoods and Crime
Cities and Urban Life
Total Hours15


ASP 220. Introduction to Africana Studies. 3 Hours.

An interdisciplinary introduction to the histories, economics, cultural and artistic heritages, political and social experiences of Africans and African-Americans; focusing on the relationships between the two experiences.

ASP 293A-Z. Special Topics. 1-6 Hours.

PR: Consent. Investigation of topics not covered in regularly scheduled courses.

ASP 298A-Z. Honors. 1-3 Hours.

PR: Students in Honors Program and consent by the honors director. Independent reading, study, or research.

ASP 393A-Z. Special Topics. 1-6 Hours.

PR: Consent. Investigation of topics not covered in regularly scheduled courses.

ASP 420. Seminar Africana Studies. 3 Hours.

PR: ASP 220. Focus on selected aspects of Africana experience. Required for completion of minor in Africana Studies.

ASP 490. Teaching Practicum. 1-3 Hours.

PR: Consent. Teaching practice as a tutor or assistant.

ASP 491. Professional Field Experience. 1-18 Hours.

PR: Consent. (May be repeated up to a maximum of 18 hours.) Prearranged experiential learning program, to be planned, supervised, and evaluated for credit by faculty and field supervisors. Involves temporary placement with public or private enterprise for professional competence development.

ASP 492A-Z. Directed Study. 1-3 Hours.

Directed study, reading, and/or research.

ASP 493A-Z. Special Topics. 1-6 Hours.

PR: Consent. Investigation of topics not covered in regularly scheduled courses.

ASP 494A-Z. Seminar. 1-3 Hours.

PR: Consent. Presentation and discussion of topics of mutual concern to students and faculty.

ASP 495. Independent Study. 1-6 Hours.

Faculty supervised study of topics not available through regular course offerings.

ASP 496. Senior Thesis. 1-3 Hours.

PR: Consent.

ASP 497. Research. 1-6 Hours.

Independent research projects.



  • Krystal Frazier - Ph.D. (Rutgers University)
    African American History

Graduate Teaching Instructors

  • Paul Chiudza Banda, History - M.A. (University of Malawi)
  • Kombe Kapatomoyo, Political Science - M.A. (Ohio University)
  • Kennedy Kasait, History - M.A. (Moi University)

Affiliated Faculty

  • Adam Dasari, Sociology - Ph.D. (Oklahoma State University)
  • Sandra Dixon, World Languages - Ph.D. (Brown University)
    Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Literature
  • Cheryl Johnson-Lyons, Sociology - J.D. (West Virginia University)
    Race, Racism and Law
  • Melissa Latimer, Sociology - Ph.D. (University of Kentucky)
    Race Relations
  • Cyanne Loyle, Political Science - Ph.D. (University of Maryland)
    East Africa
  • Robert M. Maxon, History - Ph.D. (Syracuse)
    East Africa
  • Brent McCusker, Geography - Ph.D. (Michigan State University)
    Land use change in Africa
  • Jeremia Njeru, Geography - Ph.D.
    Development in the Urban Sub-Sahara
  • Paul Scea, Music - M.A. (University of Iowa)
    Jazz Studies
  • Beverly Smith, Anthropology - M.D. (Albany Medical College; Ph.D., Southern Methodist University)
  • Janice S. Spleth, World Languages - Ph.D. (Rice University)
    Francophone African Literature
  • Michael Vercelli, Music - Ph.D. (University of Arizona)
    World Music
  • Rachel Woldoff, Sociology - Ph.D. (Ohio State University)
    Race Relations in Cities and Urban Life