School of Design and Community Development

Programs of Study

The majors in the School of Design and Community Development focus on improving the quality of life of individuals and groups by designing interactions, educational programs, and services between people and their environments to better address the needs and desires of communities and their residents.  We imagine, educate, evaluate, plan, and produce experiences, products, settings and services that have the potential to transform lives. Given the range of our programs and the portability of skills taught in them, outcomes for students vary. Our graduates find employment in professional design settings and interdisciplinary firms; in communities as teachers, as extension agents, and community development specialists.  Graduates create careers as entrepreneurs and in traditional design, business and retail settings.  And others find placement in a wide spectrum of innovative organizations that use design and design thinking as a way to fully understand and engage with their clients and markets.  Study abroad is strongly encouraged in all of our programs, and is required in Interior Design.


The agricultural and extension education program is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).  The fashion, dress and merchandising program is an affiliate member of the Textile and Apparel Programs Accreditation Commission (TAPAC). The interior design program is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). The landscape architecture program is accredited by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA).

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Fashion Merchandising

Minor Code - U097

A minor in Fashion Merchandising prepares students to understand the role of apparel in today’s marketplace and the global nature of the fashion and apparel industry.  Students are expected to obtain a grade of "C" or better in each course.

Minor Requirements
FDM 140Introduction to Textiles3
FDM 360Fashion Merchandising3
FDM 361Merchandise Planning and Control3
Total Hours9



The undergraduate minor in landscape studies is offered to any student enrolled at West Virginia University who is interested in gaining a broad understanding of the body of knowledge and the skills involved with landscape architecture.  The main focus of the minor is to provide students with a comprehensive landscape architecture theoretical background, including both cultural and historical issues related to the discipline, and planning and design issues at an urban and a regional scale.  Students can select among a variety of courses depending on their own interest.

Completion of a minor in landscape studies will require a grade of C or better in all courses.  Students completing the minor are required to take:

A grade of C or higher must be earned in all minor courses
LARC 105Introduction to Landscape Architecture3
LARC 212History of Landscape Architecture3
Select three of the following:9
Interior Plantscaping
Design Analysis
Contemporary Issues in Landscape Architecture
Regional Design
Introduction to Urban Design Issues
Meanings of Place
Total Hours15


Minor Code - U066

This minor covers the concepts and principles pertaining to rural community development and requires courses focusing on the economy, communication and leadership, and community design principles.  A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required in all minor courses

ARE 204Agribusiness Management3
ARE 411Rural Economic Development3
AGEE 220Group Organization and Leadership3
AGEE 421Agricultural and Natural Resource Communications3
Select two of the following:6
Regional Design
Introduction to Urban Design Issues
Meanings of Place
Total Hours18

Sustainable Design

Minor Code - U098

The minor in Sustainable Design develops in students a sound understanding of the principles of sustainability and sustainable design. With guidance from a variety of faculty, students will be challenged to examine their surrounding environments as well as their own lifestyles through the lens of sustainability.  The three tiers of minor coursework prepare students to complete the minor with two industry-recognized green credentials that will enhance their competitiveness in the job market.  For additional information on the minor in Sustainable Design, please contact Chris Haddox at 304-293-3657 or at

A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required in all minor courses
Tier 1 - Select three of the following:9
Sustainable Design and Development
Sustainable Living
Sustainable Living
Sustainable Living
Forest Resources in United States History
Environmental Regulation
Elements of Environmental Protection
Tier 2 - Select two of the following:6
Agricultural and Natural Resources Law
RESM 493 course subject matter changes.
Global Forest Resources
Design for Energy Efficiency
Sustainable Construction
Environmental Impact Assessment
Tier 33
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building Systems
Total Hours18



  • Peter Butler - M.L.A. (Iowa State)
    Landscape Architecture - Cultural landscape planning and interpretation, Community design processes, Design pedagogy


  • Cindy Beacham - Ph.D. (Virginia Tech)
    Design Studies-Design Thinking, Design Pedagogy, Design for Children, Evidence Based Design
  • Deborah A. Boone - Ph.D. (Ohio State University)
    Agricultural & Extension Education-Extension education, Leadership development, Program evaluation and development
  • Harry N. Boone, Jr. - Ph.D. (Ohio State University)
    Agricultural & Extension Education-Computing technology, Teaching methods, Social science research
  • Michael J. Dougherty - Ph.D. (Virginia Technical)
    Landscape Architecture-Environmental design and planning
  • Stacy A. Gartin - Ph.D. (Ohio State University)
    Agricultural & Extension Education-Communications, Program planning, Leadership development, Teaching methods
  • Judith Wasserman - MLA MRP (Cornell University)
    Health and wellness within environmental design products and practices, Enticing mobility through design and public art strategies, Engagement with essential initiatives involving meaning and place-making, ethics in environmental design, historic preservation planning for continued relevance of the modernist landscape, choreography as design process and the symbiotic work of influential modernists

Associate professors

  • Ronald Dulaney Jr. - M. Arch. (Virginia Tech)
    Interior Design-Architectural design, Design and culture, Design media, Material and fabrication processes, Poetics of construction
  • Hodjat Ghadimi - Ph.D. (Ohio State University)
    Design Studies-Intelligent build environment, Innovation economics, Energy-environment-economy interaction modeling, Sustainable development planning, GeoDesign
  • Michael Hasenmyer - M.L.A. (North Carolina State University)
    Landscape Architecture-Virtual simulation, Design education
  • Colleen Moretz - M.F.A. (Marywood University)
    Fashion Design - Transformative and sustainable practices, Design process, Experimental couture, and market-oriented, Teaching methods-traditional and digital approaches
  • Kerry S. Odell - Ph.D. (Ohio State University)
    Agricultural & Extension Education-Research methodology, Microcomputer applications, Teaching methods
  • Charles B. Yuill - M.L.A. (University of Massachusetts)
    Landscape Architecture-Computer applications, Site analysis

Assistant professors

  • Jessica Blythe - Ph.D. (University of Florida)
    Agricultural & Extension Education-Agricultural education, STEM education, Teaching methods, Effective teacher professional development, Quantitative and qualitative research methods
  • Debanjan Das - Ph.D. (University of Missouri)
    Omni Channel Retailing, Global Issues and Fashion, Sustaiinability Issues in Fashion, Fashion Promotion and Merchandise Planning and Control
  • Vaike Haas - M.L.A. (University of Michigan)
    Landscape Architecture-Native species, Stormwater management, Regional greenspace
  • J. Chris Haddox - M.S. (West Virginia University)
    Design Studies-LEED AP, Green Advantage Certified, Sustainable design and Construction, Green building theory and practice
  • Shan Jiang - Ph.D. (Clemson University)
    Landscape Architecture-Planning and design of the build environment, Architecture and health, Therapeutic landscapes
  • Katie Baker Jones - Ph.D. (University of Missouri)
    Fashion, Dress & Merchandising-Fashion media, Fashion studies, Sustainable fashion, Fashion as material culture
  • Jason McKibben - MEd (Texas A&M)
    Agricultural & Extension Education - Teaching and learning in agricultural mechanics, experiential learning, STEM in agriculture
  • Craig Nelson, M.I.D. (North Carolina State University)
    Design Studies-Designing consumer products, Industrial design, Prototyping, Brand identity
  • Lisa Orr - M.L.A. (University of California at Berkeley)
    Landscape Architecture-Vernacular and cultural landscape analysis and theory, Landscape architectural graphics and representation
  • Stefania Staniscia - Ph.D. (IUAV University of Venezia, IT)
    Landscape Architecture-Landscape Design with focus on brownfields and energy landscape

Visiting Assistant Professors

  • Lee Mullett - M.S. (West Virginia University)
    Interior Design-Teaching, Design
  • William Plyler - Ph.D. (West Virginia University)
    Interior Design-Architectural design, Design technology
  • Elijah Pollard - M.F.A. (SUNY)
    Fashion, Dress & Merchandising-Fine Arts, Design

Faculty Emeriti

  • Donald R. Armstrong
  • William H. Hagerty
  • Mary Rose Jones
  • Layle D. Lawrence
  • Marian B. Liddell
  • George W. Longenecker
  • Nora MacDonald
  • Janice I. Yeager