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Military Leave

Students Called to Serve in the Military

  1. Students who withdraw from the University for military service up to and including the 12th week of instruction will receive a full refund of their fees and be administratively withdrawn from their classes. No course grades or credit will be awarded.
  2. Students who leave the University for military service after the 12th week of instruction should work with the designated contact person in their home college (usually the academic associate/assistant dean). The student may also contact the Office of the University Registrar (304-293-5355). The contact person will assist the student in reviewing the student's eligibility for credit for their courses on a course-by course basis with the instructors.
  3. The contact person will work with the student's instructors to gather grade information for the student. If the course is not in the student's home college, the contact person can work with his/her counterpart in the appropriate college. Several outcomes are possible:
  • If the course is substantially complete and the student has done passing work, the student should receive the grade earned at that time. It is anticipated that this would be the outcome in the majority of the courses. NOTE: Students who receive orders with sufficient advance notice are expected to notify their professors of their upcoming deployment date and meet with their professors to come to an agreement on what regular course assignments they can reasonably complete prior to the deployment date (the details of this arrangement should be included in a contract initialed by both the instructor and the student; contracts must be placed in the student's file). Students should not be penalized for not completing assignments, quizzes, tests, or exams due after their deployment date.
  • If a critical competency has yet to be covered in a competency-based course, the instructor should award a grade of "I" and work with the student to develop a plan to complete that critical part of the course. To alleviate confusion at a later date, the plan should be in writing and signed by both the instructor and the student. Students called to active duty for a relatively short duration that includes exam week may arrange for an "I" with provision to make up the final exam after completing the period of duty.
  • If the student chooses to withdraw from the course. the contact person will work with the appropriate University office to provide an administrative withdrawal.

Leave for Military Drill

In accordance with the “Veteran Friendly” designation, WVU faculty may allow students who are members of the US Armed Forces (including the National Guard and Active Reserve) to make up tests and assignments that are missed during a semester if the student is officially called up for military service requirements for a limited period and if the delayed coursework completion will not irreversibly impact the student’s ability to appropriately master the required subject matter. Absence due to required military obligation should not exceed a cumulative amount of three weeks. Students should notify faculty members of the circumstances of their absence as far in advance as possible and work with faculty members to agree upon a plan of action for completing course requirements.

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Declare a Minor

Students declare minors once they enter their major fields of study. The following steps should be followed to assure that completion of a minor is appropriately recognized and posted to the student’s transcript:

  1. A student interested in completing a minor (or minors) works with his or her major advisor to incorporate minor requirements into schedule planning. Students are welcome to consult with advisors in the minor department. Students who wish to complete a minor in music, women’s studies, leadership studies, or ROTC must work directly with advisors for those programs.
  2. Complete an Academic Status Update Form with their advisor.
  3. When completing the Application for Graduation, the student indicates the minor(s) for which certification is requested.
  4. The student’s major advisor/major college advisement office certifies that all minor requirements have been completed and reports both major and minor certifications to the Office of the University Registrar on the Tentative Graduation form. Women’s studies and music minors are certified by those programs.   

Note: Minors are only awarded at the time of the conferral of a baccalaureate degree.

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File a Final Grade Appeal

Instructions for appeals of a grade penalty are found in the Academic Standards section of the catalog. For appeal procedures involving final grade appeal excluding appeal for academic dishonesty, see the Academic Rights, Penalties, and Appeal section. For appeal procedures for penalties involving academic dishonesty, see the Academic Dishonesty section.

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Official Transcripts

Students can order official transcripts through the Office of the University Registrar. Before ordering a transcript, students should ensure that all grades and degree(s) have been posted as transcript requests are processed im­mediately. All financial obligations to West Virginia University must be cleared before transcripts can be released. A West Virginia University transcript is a complete record of a student’s enrollment at WVU that includes all undergraduate, graduate, and professional courses.

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Withdrawal Policy

There are two types of withdrawals: withdrawal from individual courses for which a student has registered and a complete withdrawal from the University. Deadlines, procedures, and polices concerning withdrawals are available at the Withdrawal Policies section on the Office of the University Registrar's website.  Students are encouraged to discuss withdrawals with their advisor and to consider the impact of withdrawals on their required enrollment and degree progress as well as their eligibility for graduate assistantships, financial aid, or international full-time status.  Students who decide not to return for a subsequent term must withdraw from all registered courses prior to the term to avoid being charged tuition and fees.

Re-Enrollment After Withdrawal

After a student withdraws from WVU in two consecutive semesters (excluding sum­mer sessions), a student may not register for further work without approval of the dean of the college or school in which the student wants to register. Enrollment is subject to conditions set by that dean.

Anticipated Withdrawal Policy for the 2019-2020 Academic Year

Course Withdrawal and University Withdrawal Policy

There are three time frames for withdrawals.  The tuition refund policy can be reviewed at the Refunds page on the Student Accounts website.

Withdrawal during the Drop/Add Period

Students may withdraw from an individual course or all courses during the drop/add period, which runs until the end of the first week of a standard fall or spring 16-week term. Withdrawals for courses beginning on different parts of term or in the summer must be within the deadline as indicated on the Add and Drop Dates section of the Office of the University Registrar's website. Courses dropped during the appropriate drop/add period will not be recorded on the student’s transcript.

Withdrawal by the Withdrawal Deadline

Generally, students can withdraw from one or several courses after the Drop/Add period but prior to the Withdrawal Deadline published in the University Calendar (during the 13th week of instruction for spring and fall terms). A grade of W will be recorded on the transcript, indicating the student withdrew from the course. The grade point average is not affected, but student progress within an identified major may be impacted, as well as the ability to retain financial aid. “Attempted Hours” on the transcript include all courses for which a W is recorded. If a student does not follow the university’s withdrawal procedures, the final grades earned by the student will be recorded on the transcript. NOTE: No longer attending a course does not constitute withdrawal. Students who do not formally drop or withdrawal from a course they are no longer attending will receive a failing grade for the course.

Withdrawal from all courses after the Withdrawal Deadline (Retroactive Withdrawal)

Withdrawal from all courses after the withdrawal deadline is considered a retroactive withdrawal from the University for that term. A retroactive withdrawal for one or more terms may be granted only under extreme circumstances and will require the approval of the academic college or unit in which the student was enrolled for the respective term(s). The Retroactive Withdrawal must be requested within 12 months of the Withdrawal Deadline for the term in question. If the withdrawal is granted, a grade of W will be recorded on the transcript for each course. A withdrawal from all courses constitutes withdrawal from the University for the approved term only.

Important Notice: Financial aid recipients who withdraw from all courses before sixty percent of the term is completed may be required to return a portion of any financial aid awarded for the term. Grades of W are counted in Attempted Hours and affect student completion rate, one of the standards for determining satisfactory academic progress. Students who do not receive at least one passing grade in a term must provide documentation which verifies continued participation in educational activities.

MILITARY NOTE: Students who are called to active military service during a term must submit a copy of their deployment orders to the appropriate institutional officer. For additional information relative to military withdrawals, or if students are being deployed after the 12th week of instruction of the fall or spring terms and want to keep their grades earned at the time of deployment, please refer to the Military Leave section of the catalog. 


Withdrawal during Drop/Add period or by the Withdrawal Deadline: To withdraw from one or more courses by the Withdrawal Deadline, students should log on to the WVU Portal accessible at and drop their courses through STAR.

Retroactive Withdrawal: To withdraw from the term after the Withdrawal Deadline, a student must request the Retroactive Withdrawal in writing from the college dean or designee. A successful petition will demonstrate that the student’s performance was uncharacteristically low for that term, that the extreme circumstances arose after the Withdrawal Deadline, and that the student can now make satisfactory progress. If the petition is granted, the college/school in which the student is enrolled will request the withdrawal from all classes for the approved term directly to the appropriate institutional officer.

General considerations when withdrawing from classes

  • Students who wish to withdraw from one or more courses are encouraged to meet with their academic adviser to discuss:
    • If their course load would be reduced below the minimum requirement set by their program.
    • The appropriate office to contact to determine if their course load might be reduced below the minimum hours required to qualify for financial aid, scholarships, international full-time student status, or a graduate assistantship.
    • If the course to be dropped is a co-requisite for another course the student is taking or a prerequisite for a course required the following semester. The student may be required to drop the co-requisite course or asked to take a substitute course the following semester.
    • If withdrawal from the University for a semester would jeopardize the student’s standing in a particular program or major.
  • Students who receive financial aid, veteran benefits, or scholarships should consult with the appropriate unit to see if the withdrawal will affect their status for the current or subsequent terms.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all outstanding financial obligations to the University are satisfied and all required forms are received and processed. The withdrawal becomes official only after the request is received and processed by the appropriate institutional officer.
  • Students withdrawing from all of their courses in a term who are not living in university residential housing should vacate housing and turn in keys via the proper procedure. Check with the main desk at the residential hall for procedural details.

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