Interactive Technologies and Serious Gaming

Graduate Certificate in Interactive Technologies and Serious Gaming

certificate code - cg27

A graduate certificate in Interactive Technologies and Serious Gaming recognizes that interactive computer software such as games are both a programmed artifact and a cultural object, and careers in computer gaming - whether in academia or in industry - require a broad range of skills. The purpose of this program is to:

  1. Give graduate students the skills required to conduct advanced research in gaming and interactive technologies.
  2. Prepare students for careers in the gaming industry.
  3. Foster a local gaming and interactive technologies program in West Virginia.

Admissions requirements for this certificate program are the same as the admission requirements for the M.S.C.S. degree program.

The Interactive Technologies and Serious Gaming Certificate Program will normally be completed over two years.  Requirements for completion of the degree are eighteen credit hours of coursework and completion of a final project.  The eighteen credit hours of coursework will include:

Required Courses
CS 572Advanced Artificial Intelligence Techniques3
CS 570Interactive Computer Graphics3
CS 593XSpecial Topics (Design of Immersive Media)3
Total Hours18

Prior to completion of the Certificate, students will complete a significant project, suitable for inclusion in their portfolio.   The aim of the project is to synthesize and combine the student's prior study into an innovative product.