Resource Management

Alan R. Collins, Graduate Program Coordinator

Degrees Offered

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Resource Management

The Ph.D. degree is the most advanced degree offered and prepares candidates for work at the highest level of the profession as a faculty member, staff in a research organization or governmental and non-governmental agencies, or as a consultant.

A candidate for the Ph.D. degree in Resource Management must meet all University, College, Division, and Program requirements as outlined in the WVU Graduate catalog.

Program Requirements

All Ph.D. degree candidates are required to follow a planned program of study. The student develops the plan of study during their first year in the program in conjunction with the graduate committee. The plan must be approved by the Director of the Division and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs of the Davis College.

A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required in all courses applied toward degree requirements.
Course Requirements as determined by the Plan of Study
Candidacy Exam
Dissertation Defense

Major Learning Outcomes

resource management

Learning goals for this degree program include:

  • Demonstrate the capacity to produce research that can be accepted for publication in leading inter-disciplinary journals that combine ecological or physical sciences with social science disciplines.
  • Be proficient in oral and written communication skills in order to have research accepted by and presented at professional conferences.¬†