A candidate for the Ph.D. degree in Agriculture and Extension Education must meet all University, College, Division, and Program requirements as outlined in the WVU Graduate catalog.

Program Requirements

All Ph.D. degree candidates are required to follow a planned program of study. The student develops the plan of study during their first year in the program in conjunction with the graduate committee. The plan must be approved by the candidate's graduate committee, Director of the School of Design and Community Development, and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs of the Davis College.

A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required in all courses applied toward degree requirements.
Course Requirements as determined by the plan of study. The plan of study must include:
AGEE 642Agriculture Education Research Methods and Design3
AGEE 644Data Analysis/Interpretation3
AGEE 650Program Development in Community Education3
AGEE 651Program Evaluation in Comm Ed3
Candidacy Exam
Dissertation Defense

Agriculture and Extension Education Requirements 

The doctoral program in Agricultural and Extension Education (AGEE) is designed to develop scholars and researchers in philosophical areas of education and extension. To meet that broad goal, Doctoral Students build program a program of study coursework focusing on foundational AGEE philosophy, research and analysis, and at least one outside concentrate area or cognate. Foundational coursework includes topics related to the diverse areas of education, communication and extension within the context of agriculture. Research coursework includes methods, quantitative and qualitative analysis. Additional cognate courses should include teaching and learning theory, educational psychology, supervision, administration and leadership, and advanced data collection and analysis. The plan of study must include a minimum of 12 hours of research.

The AGEE faculty guiding the program believe that being a scholar includes more than consumption of knowledge. The program is also designed to develop researchers who explore and build an understanding of the world and profession. Student lead research is expected, as is engagement in teaching within the program. A Doctoral Student’s program of study will reflect those expectations with research and independent study hours.