Master of Arts

Major Requirements

Major Requirements
EDP 611Measurement/Evaluation in Educational Psychology3
EDP 612Introduction to Research3
EDP 613Statistical Methods 13
EDP 617Program Evaluation3
EDP 618Mixing Research Methodologies3
EDP 685Practicum3
EDP 698Thesis or Dissertation3
SCFD 615Qualitative Research Methods3
SCFD 781Nature of Inquiry 11
SCFD 782Nature of Inquiry 21
SCFD 783Nature of Inquiry 31
Educational Psychology
Statistical Methods 2
Instructional Design
Multivariate Methods 1
Any course 500 level or above approved by advisor
Total Hours30

Suggested Plan of Study

First Year
EDP 6123EDP 6113EDP 6183
EDP 6133EDP 6173EDP 6003
SCFD 6153EDP 6853 
SCFD 7811SCFD 7821 
 10 10 6
Second Year
EDP 6983  
SCFD 7831  
Total credit hours: 30