Department of Learning Sciences and Human Development

Degrees Offered

  • Graduate Certificate in Health Professions Education 
  • Master of Arts in Educational Psychology (EdP)
  • Master of Arts in Program Evaluation and Research
  • Master of Arts in Child Development and Family Studies
  • Doctor of Education in Educational Psychology (EdP)  (not currently admitting new students as new PhD in Learning Sciences and Human Development is being developed)
  • Master of Arts in Instructional Design and Technology (IDT)
  • Doctor of Education in Instructional Design and Technology (IDT)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Education with areas of emphasis in the following: (1) Learning, Instructional Design, and Technology; and (2) Human Development and Family Studies

In the Department of Learning Sciences and Human Development, we focus on understanding and promoting deep learning and healthy human development across the lifespan as central unifying goals. To accomplish these goals, we believe three interrelated areas must be recursively considered: a) Socio/Cultural Context, b) Design, and c) Learning Theory/Human Development. These three areas align with traditional conceptions of Learning Sciences as a field, but we extend those conceptions to explicitly encompass contributions from the study of human development and to situate much of our work in rural or Appalachian social, cultural, and historical contexts. The department houses programs in child development and family studies, educational psychology, instructional design and technology, and program evaluation and research.      



  • Reagan Curtis - Ph.D.

Assistant Chair

  • Amy Root - Ph.D.