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College of Human Resources and Education

Degrees Offered

  • Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies
  • Bachelor of Science in Child Development and Family Studies
  • Bachelor of Science in Speech Pathology and Audiology
  • Five-Year Integrated Baccalaureate/M.A. in Elementary Education
  • Five-Year Integrated Baccalaureate/M.A. in Secondary Education

Nature of Program

The College of Human Resources and Education is divided into five academic departments: Counseling, Rehabilitation Counseling, and Counseling Psychology; Curriculum and Instruction/Literacy Studies; Technology, Learning, and Culture; Special Education; and Speech Pathology and Audiology.  The college’s faculty and staff are located in Allen Hall on the Evansdale campus.  The college undergraduate programs focus on preparing professionals whose efforts serve the needs of families in schools, homes, clinics, agencies, and other community settings.

The college offers undergraduate programs in child development and family studies and in speech pathology and audiology.  The college also offers teacher preparation programs in elementary and secondary education in which students earn a baccalaureate degree in a content area or in an area of specialization from the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences and a master of arts in elementary or secondary education by completing a five-year sequence of study.  The teacher education programs integrate liberal studies, coursework in pedagogy and the content area, and a three-year sequence of clinical experiences in a professional development school.  The College of Human Resources and Education cooperates with other schools and colleges at WVU to prepare teachers in agriculture, art, music, and physical education.  The degree programs that prepare students to teach in these areas are housed in the Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Design; the College of Creative Arts; and the College of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences.

The college offers graduate programs of study in counseling, counseling psychology, rehabilitation counseling, special education, speech pathology and audiology, curriculum and instruction, educational leadership, elementary education, reading, secondary education, educational psychology, and instructional design and technology.  The Benedum Collaborative, the International Center for Disability Information, the Center for Teaching and Learning Technologies, the Speech and Hearing Clinics, the Center for Democracy and Citizenship Education, the Office of Diversity and Global Initiatives, the Center for Student Advising and Records, and the Reading Clinic are also located in the college.


West Virginia University is fully accredited for the preparation of teachers by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and programs are approved by the West Virginia State Department of Education.  The Ed.D. and Ph.D. are the highest degrees approved and offered.  Students in elementary and secondary education must meet University requirements for admission, retention, and graduation, and West Virginia Department of Education requirements for teacher certification in West Virginia.

The graduate programs in speech pathology and audiology are fully accredited by the Council on Academic Accreditation (CAA) of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).  Upon completion of either the doctor of audiology or master’s degree in speech-language pathology, students qualify for national professional certification and licensure by the West Virginia Board of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology.  The counseling program is fully accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs; counseling psychology is fully accredited by the American Psychological Association, and the rehabilitation counseling program is fully accredited by the Council on Rehabilitation Education.


Admission, curriculum, and degree requirements of the various degree programs of the College of Human Resources and Education are provided in each program section in this catalog.  It is the responsibility of the student to take steps to insure that he or she is properly informed of the degree requirements and/or the certification standards being sought.  Since certification requirements are changed periodically by the West Virginia Department of Education, the fulfillment of certification requirements as presented in this catalog cannot guarantee compliance with the most recent requirements.  Students are, therefore, encouraged to seek the counsel of members of the faculty, their advisors, and the college certification officer on matters pertaining to degree and certification requirements.

Graduate/Certification Requirements

To be eligible for recommendation for the master of arts in elementary or secondary education, a student must do the following:

  • Comply with the general regulations of the University concerning entrance, advanced standing, classification, examination, grades, grade points, etc.
  • Complete required courses and the minimum hours of approved courses in education.
  • Adhere to the patterns prescribed in completing the subject specialization(s).
  • Complete requirements for the approved baccalaureate in subject specialization (for prospective secondary teachers) or multidisciplinary studies (for prospective elementary teachers and secondary science teachers).
  • Present a minimum of 158 hours of approved college credit. (Thirty of these must be approved graduate hours.) A general average of 2.75 as described under General Requirements for Professional Certification must be attained for the undergraduate hours with a GPA of at least 3.0 in the graduate hours.
  • Submit an acceptable portfolio.

General Requirements for Professional Certification

Individual candidates apply for professional certification.  To teach in the public schools of West Virginia, one must hold a professional certificate issued by the West Virginia Department of Education.  To be eligible to receive a professional certificate, the WVU applicant must have done the following:

  • Met the minimum State requirements.
  • Met the University degree requirements.
  • Compiled at least 45 hours of upper-division work and 30 approved graduate hours (WVU standards).
  • Achieved a grade point average of at least 2.75 on the total of college credits earned, on the hours earned in professional education, and in each subject specialization, on the hours earned in professional education, and 2.5 in each subject specialization.
  • Demonstrated competence in supervised practicum and internship.
  • Complied with the West Virginia Board of Education regulations for Teacher Certification.
  • Be recommended for certification by the dean of the College of Human Resources and Education.
  • All candidates for professional certification in West Virginia must be United States citizens.

Reciprocal Certification Agreements

West Virginia, at the time of this publication, has reciprocal agreements with certain other states for teacher certification.  Inquiries about reciprocity should be directed to the Center for Student Advising and Records, 710 Allen Hall.

Calculation of Grade Point Averages

The West Virginia State Department of Education system of calculating grade point averages for certification purposes differs in some respects from the WVU system. For certification, all coursework attempted at WVU and at other institutions of collegiate rank will be considered.  If a student earns a grade of D, F, or U in any course taken no later than the term when he or she has attempted a total of 60 hours, and the student repeats this course, the second grade earned will be used in determining the grade point average.  The first grade will be disregarded.

The teacher education program uses the West Virginia State Department of Education system of calculating grade point averages only for admission to teacher education programs and professional internships, and for assessing teaching field and education averages.  Academic performance and eligibility for graduation are assessed by the system used by WVU and other institutions governed by the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission.


College of Human Resources and Education offers four minors:

  • Child Development and Family Studies
  • Family and Youth
  • Infant and Toddler
  • Disability Studies

Information about Child Development and Family Studies, Family and Youth, and Infant and Toddler minors can be found on the Child Development and Family Studies Program page.

Minor in Disability Studies

DISB 304Special Educ-Contempry Society *3
DISB 380Disability and the Family3
DISB 381Lifespan Disability Policy3
DISB 385Disability and Society3
DISB 482Disability in the Community2
DISB 486Capstone Portfolio:Disability1
Total Hours15



 SPED 304 may be substituted for DISB 304; SPED 304 has been approved to satisfy Objective 4 and Objective 6 of the WVU General Education Curriculum.




  • Dee Hopkins

Interim Associate Dean

  • Paul Chapman - Ph.D.