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Letter grades are assigned in many graduate courses, however, better than average performance is expected of graduate students. They are enrolled for fewer credit hours than they were as undergraduates, nine to 12 hours being the norm for a full-time graduate student, and are expected to spend more time on each course and achieve above-average mastery of the material. A few grades of C may be tolerated in graduate programs if there are higher grades in other courses compensate for them. Although a grade of C is considered average performance for an undergraduate student, it is unacceptable for graduate study.

Grading System

Grade Description
AExcellent (given only to students of superior ability and attainment)
BGood (given only to students who are well above average, but not in the highest group)
CFair (substandard for graduate students)
DPoor but passing (cannot be counted for graduate degree credit)
WWithdrawal from a course before the date specified in the University calendar
XAuditor (no grade and no credit)
UUnsatisfactory (computes as an F)
INCPermanent Incomplete
IFIncomplete grade not removed by next regular term (computed as an F)
UFUnforgivable F

Note: Grades that are not reported by faculty at the end of a term will be designated with an NR on the official transcript. Grades that are not reported will become an F at the conclusion of the next semester if a final grade is not submitted.

Satisfactory-Unsatisfactory/Pass-Fail Grading

At the graduate level, the satisfactory-unsatisfactory ("S/U") grading option is used only for the course numbers 697/797 "Research." The "S" and "U" grades for 697/797 are not applied to te calculation of the GPA. "S/U" shall be the only grading ooption for 697/797.

Other courses for which faculty wish to use a binary grading option should use the pass-fail ("P/F") grading option, which does apply to the GPA.

Grade Point Average Calculations

The grade point average listed on the student’s official transcript will be computed from all work (including any undergraduate courses taken) for which the student has registered while a graduate student, except for courses with grades of I, S, W, P, and X. The GPA is based on the following grade point values:

A = 4
B = 3
C = 2
D = 1
F = 0
U = 0

Faculty have the option of adding +/- scales to the letter grades but the +/- scales are not used in calculating the grade point average. In order to determine whether a student meets the program’s stated minimum GPA to remain in good academic standing, a given program may, for its own internal purposes, calculate the student’s graduate GPA solely from the courses listed in the student’s plan of study. However, on the official transcript, the GPA will be calculated as indicated above.


The grade of “I” is given when the instructor believes that the coursework is unavoidably incomplete or that a supplementary examination is justifiable. Before any graduate degree can be awarded, the grade of “I” must be removed either by finishing the incomplete sometime or by having it recorded as a permanent incomplete. Only the instructor who recorded the “I” or, if the instructor is no longer at WVU, the chairperson of the unit in which the course was given may initiate either of these actions. When a student receives a grade of incomplete and later removes that grade, the grade point average is recalculated on the basis of the new grade. If you do not remove the “I” grade within the next semester, the grade of “I” is treated as an “IF” (failure). The Academic Standards Committee of the appropriate college or school may allow you to postpone removal of the “I” grade if you can justify a delay.

In the case of withdrawal from the University, a student with a grade of “I” should discuss that grade with the appropriate instructor.

Grades Lower Than C

Credit hours for courses in which the grade is lower than C will not be counted toward satisfying graduate degree requirements.

Official Transcripts

Students can order official transcripts through their MIX account at any time or go to . All orders require a valid e-mail address and a credit/ debit card which will be charged by e-Pay West Virginia once the transcript request has been entered and a confirmation number is provided.
Before ordering a transcript, students should log on to their MIX account to ensure that all grades and degree(s) have been posted. Transcript requests are processed im­mediately. They are not held for posting of final grades and/or degrees.
All financial obligations to West Virginia University must be cleared before transcripts can be released. Transcripts may not be picked up by another party unless the student has given written authorization with the request. The designated person will be expected to show a picture I.D. before obtaining the transcript.
A West Virginia University transcript is a complete record of a student’s enrollment at WVU. This includes all undergraduate, graduate, and professional courses. Partial transcripts are not available.


Repeated Courses

Courses repeated that cannot be taken again for credit follow this procedure:

  1. The original grade is included in determining the overall GPA. It is excluded from earned or degree hours and is marked with an (A).
  2. The original grade is not deleted from the student’s permanent record.
  3. The second grade is entered on the student’s transcript and marked as included (I) in the semester that the course was repeated.
  4. Courses repeated more than once are handled the same way with the final attempt carrying earned or degree hours. All attempts are used for determining the GPA.

Withdrawal Policy

There are two types of withdrawals: withdrawal from individual courses for which a student has registered, and a complete withdrawal from the University. Deadlines for withdrawals for each semester are available at . If students follow all established University procedures and withdraw before the published deadline, they will receive a W on their transcript. The grade point average is not affected in any way by this mark. If formal withdrawal procedures are not executed by the student, a failing grade/s will be recorded. It is the student’s responsibility to see that all forms are properly executed and delivered to the appropriate authorities for recording.

Withdrawal/Drop From Individual Classes

Students may drop individual classes within a term based on established deadlines. These deadlines are posted on the Office of the University Registrar’s website. Students, with the help of their academic advisors, are responsible for determining:

  • If their course load would be reduced below the minimum requirement set by their program
  • If their course load would be reduced below the minimum hours required to qualify for a graduate assistantship, financial aid, or international full-time student status
  • If the course to be dropped is a co-requisite for another course the student is taking or a prerequisite for a course required the following semester, the student may be required to drop the co-requisite course or asked to take a substitute course the following semester.

Withdrawal From All Classes for the Term

Students may withdraw from WVU for the term in which they are enrolled at anytime before the last day of classes of the term on which regular classes are scheduled to meet. Students will receive grades of W in all classes for that term.


  1. To withdraw from all classes through the last day to drop a class with a W, a student would log on to their MIX account and drop their classes through STAR.
  2. To withdraw from the term after the last day to drop a class with a W, you may do any of the following:
    1. Visit the Office of the University Registrar.
    2. Send an e-mail from your MIX Account only to . Please include:
      1. full name
      2. last four digits of your student identification number
      3. reason for your withdrawal
      4. address
      5. telephone number
    3. Mail a request to Office of University Registrar, West Virginia University, P.O. Box 6009, Morgantown, WV 26506. Please Include:
      1. full name
      2. student identification number
      3. reason for your withdrawal
      4. address
      5. telephone number
      6. signature
    4. Fax a request to (304) 293-8991. Please include:
      1. full name
      2. student identification number
      3. reason for your withdrawal
      4. address
      5. telephone number
      6. signature

Important Notice:  Financial aid recipients who withdraw from all classes before 60 percent of the term is completed may be required to return a portion of any financial aid that was received for the term. Students who do not receive at least one passing grade for classes in a term must provide documentation which verifies continued participation in educational activities. If documentation cannot be provided, those students are considered to have informally withdrawn from WVU prior to 60 percent of the term and may be required to return a portion of any financial aid which was received. This review and return of financial aid is done in accordance with federal regulations.

Re-Enrollment After Withdrawal

After a student withdraws from WVU in two consecutive semesters (excluding sum­mer sessions), a student may not register for further work without approval of the dean of the college or school in which the student wants to register, subject to conditions set by that dean. In the case of a general studies major, the student must seek approval from the director of the Undergraduate Advising Services Center.